Texas Cards by Card Shark


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A worry free card control method that gives you 100% accuracy.The Phoenix Texas Card can be added to any standard Phoenix Deck. It allows for the easiest and cleanest control you can do. Texas cards are longer (or wider) than regular Poker size cards. When inserted into a regular deck, the Texas Card insures 100% safe cuts on the long or short sides of the pack, depending on you favorite handling.

A sure-fire control! Even let your spectator handle the deck!

  • No Breaks!
  • No Sleights!
  • No Sounds!
  • No Fooling! (Except your audience!)

This little gimmick has been used by the best magicians worldwide. Tommy Wonder loved to use the “long card” for his “Tamed Card” effect. Comes with four random faced long or wide cards in the Phoenix back design.