Ringone by Quique Marduk
The magician shows 2 transparent tumblers. A spectator examines them, and he visibly fills them with milk, coke, orange juice or any opaque liquid. A ring is borrowed from a spectator. The magician does not even need to touch it. The ring is taken from the spectator on a small hook and lowered into one of the glasses. The magician's hands are shown to be clearly empty.
The magician now takes up the second glass of liquid, from which he takes out the actual borrowed ring with the help of the hook.
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Tabary Vol 1 & 2 On 1 Disc (DVD)
From France comes F.I.S.M. World Champion, Francis Tabary-the greatest Rope Magician in the world! Tabary`s innovative effects, methods, and techniques are unsurpassed in the realm of rope magic. He has elevated rope magic to such a high level it now takes on an elegant artistry that no one else has ever achieved.
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Appearing Mop
Magician walks out with a folded bag. He then proceeds to open the bag and pulls out an 8 feet broom.
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TOCA - Thought of Card Across by Morgan and West
Zehn schwarze und zehn rote Karten werden gezeigt. Der Zuschauer wählt mental eine beliebige der schwarzen Karten. Ohne JEGLICHE Trickhandlung verschwindet die gewählte Karte vom Stapel der schwarzen Karten und findet sich unter den roten Karten wieder als einzige schwarze Karte.
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Zombie Ball (Vernet)
This is the famous one man floating ball, using no threads or complicated set up witheverything under the control of the magician.
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Vanishing Coke Bottle by Premium Magic
The Magician magically vanishes a Coke inside a paper bag! Self-working and easy to perform. Works great in a comedy routine!
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Dancing Vanishing Cane (D.V.C.) by Magiclism
A superb twist, a fascinating end to the classic dancing cane routine. Imagine you can immediately transform your dancing cane into silk or confetti! A perfect ending to your routine. You can also color change or multiply your dancing cane, if you wish.
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